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Swapping engines in Ram 1500?

Would it be possible to put a 5.7 HEMI into the 98-01 Dodge ram pickups? Or would it be to much of a hassle and to many things to change in order for it to work? Just curious.

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    its already been done several times ,i have did it once already,you have to change the wiring harness along with all the mounts including the radiator ,what we did was basically go out and buy a wrecked 04 model and switch everything over from it,its almost impossible to do this without another truck for parts,and very expensive also,and truthfully once we got done with it we decided it wasn't worth the trouble to do this to another one,good luck.

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    That depends on whether you want it fuel injected or carburated. If you go with carbs it wouldn't be to bad but you would need the wiring harness and all the sensors if you want fuel injection. Also you woiuld have to swap trannies. The hemi uses a differnt bell housing. Doge has an auto tranny that will bolt to the hemi and does not use any electronics but I can't recall what its called. Good luck.

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