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helppp! pleaaaaseeeeeee!?

so i have this friend that i have been friends with for like 7 years and suddenly out of no where she started ignoring me and when i asked her about it she said that she was busy with other stuff but she took me off her top and put this other girl that she knows i really really hate! not to mention she ditched me for that girl before. i dont really care about the top friends thing i just know that it matters to her but were drifting away and i dont know what to do! i dont wanna lose her but i dont know what i can do to stop this! i dont even know what is wrong i tried asking her but she said nothing :/ any advice?

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    If she doesn't want to be friends with you anymore, you should let her be. You asking her why she's ignoring you or if she wants to hang out or why she did this or why she's not doing that-that won't help, that will make you seem clingy and she'll be even more less likely to accept you as a friend again. I'd say don't say anything to her for a little while and let her have her space, and then when you want to do something with her, ask her to go hang out, but don't bring up her ditching you as a friend, just be upbeat about it.

    Re-evaluate your friendship and see if you can find something that upset her, made her angry or annoyed and fix the problem.

    Good luck!

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    give her time to think and cool off. Did u say something to her? Act a certain way? Maybe rumors are going around? Give her some space and then try again, maybe it was a misunderstanding?

    Source(s): I went through the same thing, i gave my friend some space and then talked to her and now we r still b-f-f's
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    this has happened to me too. but with a guy best friend. idk wat to do eaither. i guess if she was really ur best friend during those 7 years she would have said something... just give her time and if nothing happends then she was never ur bf/

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    Maybe you should try telling this to her.

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