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how to achieve my deam of owning a boat?

im 13, and one of my long dreams has to own a boat. one where i can go tubing,wakeboarding,and water skiing. because of my age i imagine it being hard

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  • Kevin
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    Buying what you want to buy isn't that tough. You just have to save your money, not spend it on frivolous stuff, eventually you can buy most anything you want that's not too nutty expensive... Boats are within most middle-class peoples reach. A Bugatti Veyron is not. :-)

    Get in the habit of saving now, because the older you get the harder it is to change your spending behavior. Good luck.

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    well i'm only 15 but my advice to you would be to get a summer job every year and put all the money you make from that in to a special bank account. by the time you're in your 20s you'll probably have enough saved to buy a boat. just be careful and don't spend the money before then!

    good luck with that :)

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    Step 1. Get money.

    Step 2. Buy boat.

    Step 3. Realize you'd rather have all that money than a boat.

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    yea its my dream 2 theres alot to owning a boat tho, u have to be able to store it and transport it, let alone how much its gonna cost. I really like supras tho u should look into em there not to expensive and i hear they spit up a good wake if u wakeboard.

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  • 1 decade ago

    just look at it easy, nothing is hard, and if that's your dream, work hard,and one day you will get it !

    good luck!

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