Why is Nascar considered so great?

Nothing against the sport, I've just never been able to understand the appeal. What insight does anyone have to explain how it's more then just men driving a car around a circle?

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    In baseball, you have one man with a bat vs. one man with a ball and 8 men armed with a glove. In football, you have men put on heavy equipment and slam into each other to push a little ball farther down a field. In golf...don't get me started.

    Racing cars is a ballet of man and machine working together as one..each being brought the their very limits of their capabilities, to achieve the highest speed possible given the confines of the course they are on. If that doesn't get your attention..imagine 42 OTHER car/driver combinations doing it all around you at the very same time! One slight move at the wrong time and place and complete pandemonium will break out. 3500 lb. cars being tossed around like toys. Most of the time, 99% of the time, the safety equipment around you will save your life..but sometimes..it doesn't..and we must sacrifice a life to the racing Gods to provide excitement for the spectator. We come to know those that are willing to risk it all for us..they become our friends. We don't see a red car pass a blue car..we see Tony passing Jimmie. We see a new owner/driver passing the reigning 3-time Champion and that will either make you happy, or piss you off. Lots of ups and down, accidents, pit stops and at the end of the day, the driver and car that outperformed all the rest..is called the winner and gets to spray Champagne on everybody. Then next week, they'll line 'em back up..and do it again at another track.

    Not for the faint of heart, peaceful golf lovers, or those that won't take the time to get to know the drivers. Get to know the ones you like, and the ones you don't like. Cheer when your favorites pass someone..boo and throw things at the tv when your favorites get passed or wrecked. All you may see are the cars..we see the people inside and know the stories they tell.

    Source(s): A lifetime of watching guys drive around in circles..and still consider it the very best sports entertainment..on the planet.
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    When I watch NASCAR I see more than drivers going in circles. I see them racing each other at almost 200 mph battling each other side-by-side for position. I'm thinking about race and pit strategies. There is a lot of action on the track and it only takes one little mistake for somebody to go from having a top five run to being towed away to the garage.

    I understand if you don't like NASCAR though. I'm a big sports fan and I like football, basketball, and auto racing but I can't get into baseball. I just don't understand the appeal of a sport where people hit a ball with a stick and run in one direction around a diamond. The game moves too slow for me.

    Maybe if you went to a NASCAR race it would change your opinion. A lot of people I know have become NASCAR fans that way.

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    People that say Nascar is just driving around in circles are saying something about a sport that they don't know anything about. If the people that don't like Nascar would ACTUALLY WATCH a race they would see how great Nascar is. People that don't like Nascar fail to realize that it is much more than driving around in circles. The cars are not like the cars we drive everyday. Nascar cars are 3500 lbs and are being drove at 170+ mph. These cars get 110 degrees inside and drivers can lose around 10 pounds a race. 43 cars are fighting for every inch and the least mistake can cause a wreck. The pit crews and team must be performing at the absolute best to make quick pit stops and build cars that are fast.

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    Jr isn't the excellent driving force, although he's a sturdy driving force. For all the Jr haters obtainable, is has continually been a great 15 driving force even with the place he became into signed tochronic. he's at present in the champoionship hunt and that's and not utilising a win, so he's doing it on consistancy. Jr is between the main ordinary drivers and many non-followers could say this is because of the fact of his daddy. there may be slightly reality to that on the beginning up, yet greater importantly Jr. says it like this is. he's fairly like his dad whilst he says whilst he screwed up, whilst different screwed up or maybe gets excited for good 10 runs. in actuality in this politically properly suited international he's all the way down to earth. He never asked to be the main ordinary driving force yet he's and he's for a reason. Been a decade when you consider that Sr died and if he wasnt likable on his very own then Sr followers could have left him via now.

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    Example: Sunday, May 25th (I think), 2008

    F1 Grand Prix at Monaco: 3 passes for the lead, all race long.

    Indy 500 at Indianapolis: 7 passes for the lead, all race long.

    NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte: 26 passes for the lead, before the halfway point.

    Need I say more?

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    NASCAR is considered great because it's based on the American Automotive Industry

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    Why is the NFL so great? or MLB or the NBA?

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    It just is dammit.

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