Why is AT&T U-Verse not available at my house but is at other houses close to mine?

It is available in the zip code 94509 but not at my house. Why don't I have it available?

Also is u-verse tv better than comcast and directv?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I live in Oklahoma City and U-Verse is not in my area either. They told me it is avalible in the smaller suburbs though, they told me it is easier to set up service in smaller areas than larger cities. I live in a 60yr old apartment building so you know it has bad wireing.

  • 7 years ago

    ewhen will it be available in my area. I live in Santa Cruz ca. and some people have it here (not many) . Is it because Comcast has it locked out? or what. I have wireless for my computer, cell and ipad why not for my tv? The telephone polls outside my house were put there by att many years ago so who owns them now? And does ATT need to do more to provide everyone with a choice,?

  • 1 decade ago

    uverse is a fiber optic based digital television service...if it is not available at your home, you are likely too far from the vrad, a piece of equipment that is like the powerhouse for the uverse...it is better than other services for many reasons:

    -there is little to no lag time between switching channels

    -total home dvr

    -each box is hd ready, so no special equipment required

    -yellowpages right on the screen

    -many hd channels, etc.

    Source(s): att.com/uverse
  • 1 decade ago

    because it is internet based, the distance from the center to your home plays a row in the quality of the picture. if you live at a distance that has been determined to be to far to provide you with quality service, even if you are right on the edge of that line, the will not provide it to you until they update (something) on the poles to bring the high quality signal to you.

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