How come he doesn't believe me????...Guys Girls Help!!!?

I told my bf that he's the first bf I've ever had. I've never been physically involved w/ a guy either but he doesn't believe me. I'm 17 Jr. in Hs. I'm very sociable and friendly and can talk 2 anyone as long as they're nice. Well lots of guys like me and ask me out all the time cus they think I'm pretty I guess...but he doesn't believe that I've never been w/ a guy cus his cousin, who asked me 2 marry him & is infatuated w/ me,told him we made out at some park...but I told him I could never do that w/ him cus he's not at all my type just a friend...what to do???

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    dnt let it get in the way of your relationship, that shouldnt stop you from being happy with him

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