If I get an iphone, will I still need my ipod?

Does an iphone do everything that an ipod does? (ie. hold as much music, play via my car Stereo and work with itunes)

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  • isl247
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    1 decade ago
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    Nope. No need for an additional iPod unless you need massive storage. The iPhone does all the same stuff as an iPod and more.

    The only debatable part is your "hold as much music" question. A 16GB iPhone holds exactly as much music as a 16GB iPod, but obviously not as much as a 120GB iPod.

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    It depends. The iPhone's headphone jack is sunken into the body more, so some headphones won't work with the iPhone, but that is uncommon. Also, when the box on the phone says 32g or 16g, think about it, with an iPod,you only store music and videos, and maybe games too.

    With an iPhone, it does phone stuff to, so the firmware is bigger and will take up more memory, it stores contacts, text messages, and pictures along with videos if you're planning on the 3Gs.

    So, it really comes down to memory. To sum it all up, 32g on an iPod has more free space than that 32g on an iPhone.

    But, the iphone does everything the ipod (Touch) does and more so it's really an iPod Touch with bluetooth and phone features.

    Source(s): I have an iPod Touch 2g, 16g, and my aunt has the iphone 3G, 16g, and her memory is full and i have 2 more music videos and 120 more songs than her, although she has more apps than me, it still is less media memory
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    They do the same thing but the iphone, you can make calls on. You could still use it, the normal ipod's battery life would probably be longer if you were listening to it in the car or something. Or if you have a lot of music

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not really, there is an ipod inside every iphone.....or more accurately put the iphone literally is an ipod touch with a camera and phone part added.

    Now if you want to have a large video and photo collection on this iphone-ipod then you will need one with a much larger GB, like the ipod classics.

    So, it really depends on you and how you plan to use it or them :)

    Source(s): I have an ipod touch and an ipod classic and most of my music videos, movies and high resolution photos are on my classic cause there is not enough room on any touch to hold them all!
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The iPhones does everything the iPod does and more. The only reason you'd need another iPod is if you don't want to take your phone with you when you exercise or just want something smaller in your pocket for some reason. Or if you want to listen to music or watch a video without running down your phone's battery.

  • 1 decade ago

    You will no longer need your iPod considering the iPhone has all the features of the iPod and more, by the way if you are considering getting an iPhone I strongly recommend it, I have an iPhone 3G but apparently the iPhone 3Gs isn't just two times faster but it has more features such as Voice memos.

    Source(s): Lots of forums, personal experience.
  • 1 decade ago

    You have a 3gb iphone. Depending on what Ipod you have your ipod has more gb. Keep your ipod you don't wanna fill up all of your phones memory with music and if you are a music lover like me you will need the extra space on your ipod for your music. Keep it trust me if you don't you will regret it. You dont think you have alot of music until you start puttin it on there.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not at all. I had the iPhone, and it was good.

    I didn't like texting, but overall it was amazing.

    Depending on which iPod you have, you should just keep the iPhone.

    It'll be less room. Get the highest memory you can, TRUST ME.

    Source(s): Me
  • rbegs
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    1 decade ago


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