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My friend keeps making the same stupid mistake?

He has been suffering from depression and has no friends in real life....his entire life is online. Anyway he is 16 and keeps trying to have these online gf's? They don't seem to last long yet he is so disappointed when they end. Why? He seems to put so much faith into these girls he will never meet. Why does he keep setting himself up to fail. It seems really unhealthy. Thanks for your thoughts.

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    If girls ignore him in real life he may very well stop trying. That makes some guys INFERTILE. No kidding, when nobody cares, a lot of your body can just give up. I'm guessing you're a girl, and you should just know, guys think different. Even if you're just friends, he probably really likes you. If you're his only real life friend, you really have to push him in the right direction. Its a dicey subject. Talk to his guy friends.

  • Real life relationships are just as liable to fail. Besides, I met my ex online. We talked like that for 10 months, and then I lived with him for a year and a half. My mother met her husband online. They've been married for over 2 years now. Just because it's not something most people do doesn't mean it's unhealthy. Maybe it's just that he's picking the wrong girls. Hell, I don't blame him for staying away from people in real life. Most of them are sh*t.

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