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Trying to learn German?

So I would like to start learning German because I'm sure it will help me with my future career. I'm 17, 18 in a month and I'm wondering how long it usually takes someone at my age to learn a new language. I took two spanish classes in school and I was not able to get into spanish 3 this year because of scheduling conflicts so I decided that I would like to change my focus to German. I did very well in spanish class and didn't have trouble with the lessons. I will be using online course and buy books. I would love to go to Germany and immerse myself in the language but that's not an option for another two years when I might be able to study abroad in my 2nd year of college. So about how long do you think it could take me to become fluent in German?

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    I learnt German from year 7 to year 12.. I only started because we had to pick a language in year 7, and that's what I chose.. but I came 3rd in the class, so I kept doing it..

    I eventually came 2nd in the class overall in our final exams, and obtained a mark of 91% for my leaving certificate (HSC).

    I was by no means fluent.. so I would say to become completely fluent in a shorter time you would need some pretty intensive tutoring.

    I went to Germany on a 5 week exchange, but because we don't really have a lot of German speakers in Australia, I am out of practice, so don't speak German very well now.

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    its different for every one, if you did well in spanish I would say you could have the basics of german down in a few months

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