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facebook/pet society - can a friend visit you while your logged in?

I was checking pet society today and looking at the new pond then my roommate wanted to try it out so she logged on to her FB and went on her pet society to find my pet was at her house!

it came up in the left corner who's pet it was and you could click on trophies,

how and why does this happen?, has it ever happened to you

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    Yes I think it has happened to me. It said something like (Person's name) (Name of pet) has just gave you a huge hug on Pet Society click here to see the moment.

    I think that is what happened. When your friend got the notification and clicked on it- she would have loaded Pet Society with your pet also in it. But that is not permanent as when you leave the house and go back in it the pet would have gone.

    Or if she saw your pet outside her house and not inside well Pet Society does that and if you click on it- they would say visit (Pet's name).

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