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how to turn on your bf?

my bf and i are in different places right now, but i want to know how to turn him on real bad when i see him next time :) oh and he likes it rough;)


i'm serious and i'm not trying to ask some weird question, sorry, but i'm not going to tell you my age. Thank You!

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    -When you're together, touching is the main component. Break the touch barrier by doing things that feel good for him, and he'll appreciate. Put your hands up his shirt and scratch his back, or lightly touch his chest. Especially in public, it shows everybody around that he's yours, and you're his.

    -Spontaneous is GOOD. Affectionately rub his knee or inner thigh while you're talking to him. Guys LOVE this.

    -Depending on his style, he might like the hair on the back of his head being tugged gently while kissing. Maybe even push him into a wall and kiss him if he likes to play rough.

    -After not seeing him for a while, run and jump on him, having him catch you. Guys think this is cute and it makes them feel special.

    -Bite your lower lip when you're looking in his eyes.

    -Spontaneously grab them by their shirt, pull them in and kiss them passionately. When he asks "Why'd you do that?", tell him because you "Felt like it" and walk away. He'll probably follow you.

    -If you're feeling bubbly, and you're both home alone, take the remote from him, turn off the tv, and playfully wrestle him on the couch, cause he'll probably want that remote back.

    -Kiss, lick, nibble, or bite his neck. That's all there is to it. :)

    -Wear a sexy lotion or perfume, maybe spray it on his pillow, guys learn to distinguish their girls' smell over time and learn to love it. NOTHING TOO STRONG, no old lady perfume either

    -Never call him more than 2 times a day. It'll keep him thinking about you, wondering if you'll call.

    -As a general rule of thumb, if a guy thinks you're turned on, he'll get turned on.

    -For the finishing step, if you're ready to be intimate with him, next time you are alone kiss mim passionately and dont stop until you know he's ready to slowly lay down and begin to undress you. After that, feel the love and work your magic. He'll be sure to want more.


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    "rough" is mild sadomosochism.

    beat yourself/him up, and he'll be turned on.

    also, when he shows up, depending on the personality, dress up in a silky see through nightgown/black leather straps. (you can get both at spencers Gift shop like places

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    wear something really short, look like your ready to go out on a casual date, but not too casual...the male mind works one way, sexual! take control of him sexual, and he's your *****! you gotta look sexy though, idk who you are or what your personality is, but if you wanna turn a guy on, you gotta dress sexy as hell...

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    Role Play...Do what he wants

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    add a girl

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    i think yu should screwwww him haarrrrdddd .

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    bite his neck

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    woah, how old are you?

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    Dirty talk.

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