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Will USPS allow me Get Tracking on a Regular Sized Envelope?

Can i get a Tracking Number on a Regular Sized Evelope Through USPS? Or does it have to be a certian Size?

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    If U chose to send the letter w/ a signature release receipt or/and as certified mail, U can track the status or delivery of the letter (both can be purchased @ a USPS office or online w/ postage). Either option is low cost and will verify when the envelope arrives it's destination & also provide U a receipt/record of the date it was mailed.

    A standard letter/envelope sent w/ just a first class stamp will not get the info U asked about. If U want to ensure the delivery of an important letter, payment etc I would suggest using certified mail. Certified mail can also be traced if it is lost.

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    you won't be able to purchase "monitoring" for international mail. the only centers that recent any monitoring skill are the particular Mail classification and priority Mail international. An envelope as you describe ought to flow as top quality Mail international yet there is not any monitoring accessible for that kind of mail. thinking the reality which you're able to be able to desire to have on line verifiable evidence of a grant, your high quality wager is to apply the Small Flat cost priority Mail field. do not use the Flat cost Envelope because it is excluded from monitoring centers. Any international provider that makes use of the fairway customs fact does not have any monitoring. It should be the multi-section white sort and that's tracked by using utilising the label volume.

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    you can use PC Postage with delivery confirmation. Its very cheap and you can do this on

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