astrology question ????????

how does it work

i have no idea

give me the whole thing about astrology


EXCUSE ME !!!!!!!

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    The basic premise of astrology is that the planets in our solar system emit an influence that affects every aspect of life on earth.

    The planetary positions at the exact time of a person's birth, depicted by a birth or natal chart, creates an imprint which determines their character and life path.

    The birth chart is divided into 12 signs and houses. Each sign and house represents a varied set of characteristics and areas of life -

    Each person has a sign and house placement for the sun, moon and mercury through to pluto. Each placement has a special meaning (eg your sun sign and house rules your basic character, your moon sign and house rules your emotional nature and family life etc)

    The distance between the planets is also taken into account. These distances are referred to as "aspects" and are measured by "degree." There are 4 major aspects - conjunction, opposition, square and quincunx

    The signs, luminaries (sun, moon) and planets are represented on the natal chart by symbols -

    By looking at your birth chart, an experienced astrologer can decipher aspects of your personality (eg basic character, emotional nature, desires, needs, values, love nature etc) as well as your family, relationship and career experiences.

    The birth chart can be used as a basis for predictive work. For example, an astrologer can predict future trends by looking at how the transit (movement) of the planets in the present time are impacting on your birth chart.

    Popular horoscope predictions are based on transits, but because they are only based on the suns signs, which is a tiny fraction of a person's entire birth chart, these sun sign horoscopes are highly generalised and inaccurate.

    If you are interested in calculating your own birth chart, this site does it for free -

    For more information, cafe astrology is one of the best astrology sites -

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    wow, big question, lol... i don't know much but there are good books to get on this subject... my favorite is "The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need" by Joanna Martine made me become more interested about learning it...also there are favorite is & should check it out~

    Source(s): "The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need" by Joanna Martine Woolfolk
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    No one can give you evidence on how it works, since it is a belief. So here is a site that shows why it can't work.

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    I believe it works.

    When i read past horoscopes, something in my life fits into it.

    And its not just cuz i think its fits, its cause i want it to fit, but it really does.

    and yeah google it.

    its too much to type.

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    there is a lot of thing that yet to be discover in this world. maybe its a lie.,maybe its the truth

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    My date of birth is 16/05/1989. timings 3.30.13 am (place kolkata ,india) ...Pls tell me about my marriage.?

    I cannot read my navamsha (D9) chart .

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    google it... really... its way too much to explain in one sitting.. you really want to know more about the world and the way it works.. look it up...

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