What do you learn in 7th grade?

I am taking pre-algebra and pre-biology!i kno pre-algebra and im pretty sure i got that down! but all the other classes im not sure what to expect??

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    1 decade ago
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    In my seventh grade (08-09, this past year), we learnt this:

    Math: algebra, geometry

    Social Studies: Climate, Stocks, Politics, Africa, Asia

    Science: Life Science

    English: Poetry, essays, we read..etc.

    PE: same as the year before, basketball, football, etc.

    Spanish: verbs, adjectives, greetings, proper Spanish

    Art: idk i forget that course, i hate it.

    HomeEc: How to make clothes, baking, etc.

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    i took pre-algebra for the first semester, and then algebra for the second. i did pre-biology for the first trimester, pre-physics for the second, and then pre-chemistry for the third. i went to this elite private school though, so i dont know if the stuff is the same.

    good luck!

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    we got to dissect a frog and a cows eye in science. we read daniel's story in english. we learned about egypt and china in history and we had a field trip to six flags.im gonna be a sophomore next year so i kinda forgot somethings.

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    well i learned


    *life science

    *medieval times (history) such as the renaissance

    *just regular language arts

    *an elective

    and pe[;

    Source(s): that was my schedule[;
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  • 1 decade ago

    i learned how to mess around in class, how to cheat on tests and how to get girls.

    hope you have a similar experience

    (seriously it's 7th grade, stop worrying, this will not make or break your life)

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    1 decade ago

    like life science and math and asia/africa stuff in social studies. same stuff repeated over and over in english.

  • 1 decade ago

    its veryyyy easyyyy

    good luckk =]

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