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I am young and am in love- help?

it might sound stupid- but I am turning thirteen and am in love. everyone i go to about this always says "your not in love, get over it." but i cant and the way i feel for this guy has no other explanation.

well, my parents got in a fight so my mom moved out. she picked me up to go visit her once and she had to go talk to this guys mom. and then she introduced me to him and every since then, i cant get him out of my head and i am in denial and depression. i have only met him 5 or six times. but once i saw him i just, felt something i guess. then he got burned and showed me the before pictures when he was in the hospital and i had to get out of there and ran home crying.

i havnt seen him since then and its been almost a year. its really killing me and im losing my friends over him. hes in my dreams everynight and thats why i stay up late watching tv. whenever i wake up i begin to cry like i do before i fall asleep. my heart kills me when i hear his name.i used to say "if i lose my best friend over him, hes not worth my time." but now i have realized that id give my life for him.

it feels weird saying this so everyone can read it but i need help. im crying right now and NEED help. my best friend wont help me because im "throwing all this on her."


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    You have two optons. 1. Talk to the kid again and become really good friends and build up a relationship.2. Just move on. I know it'd be hard to do if you have such strong feelings for him. I myself was forced to get over a girl that i dated for 11 months and was in love with and im 16. Never hurt so much in my life nor did i want to get over but she didn't love me anymore. Goodluck, hope you feel better.

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    First of all im sorry..first you have to think, did it seem like he felt the same way? did it seem as if he enjoyed your company? ask your self is he really worth losing all your friends and partially your life. But honestly I think the relationship is just powerful lust. Stop crying and stop being depressed! life is to short and you have your whole life ahead of you so don't fill them with regrets.

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    there's no age for love , love is by no skill too youthful. that is how mature you're contained in the dating that makes it love. each from time to time love is unexplainable yet as quickly as you're with somebody for a protracted time, that's the variety you start to experience. do no longer base your love basically on what he does to you. Love is the place the midsection is!

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    Its your hormones your becoming a women and your body doesn't know what to do find a different focus and you'll be over him. And maybe you feel a little guilty?

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    how old is he, and why don't u try talking to him, and getting to know him better. when you realize who he really is and how much or how little you two have in common, you'll come to your senses. but i dont think you're just infatuated with him. but try talkin to him tho.

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    your dumb arent in love your in lust if dont really know him...most likely you saw someting in him...physically...and you decided you might want to know him need to forget about him and move on...once you set your mind to it it will be easier than you thin

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