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I am in dire relationship need here. Please give me some advice?

I'm sorry this is long, but please read?! So I need some advice here but I first want to ask that you don't judge me or say I'm terrible or a b*tch or something..just hear me out. 

So, I have been dating my boyfriend Alex since mid April this year. Up until that point he and I had been great friends..he was actually my closest guy friend and is still to this day. I started liking him around January this year but before that point I saw him as a brother to me. But over the past month or so, I have begun to question my feelings for him. I care about Alex a lot but right at this point, I'm not sure I liked him as much as I originally thought. Plus I'm pretty he sure he really likes me. This is where I think people may start thinkig badly of me. But please trust me when I say I have his best interest at heart. I've been friends with him since third grade and would never wann to hurt him. I'm really considering eiher breaking up with him or asking to take a break so I can see where my feelings lie. I don't want to drag out our relationship any longer if my feelings aren't there. 

And now, my other good guy friend, Sam has been txting me a lot more than usual over the past week or so and from some of our mutual friends, I've heard he kinda likes me. I'm afraid this is also affecting my feelings towards Alex. But since I've been in question for about a month and Sam has only been talking more to me for a week or so, I don't see how that has a huge affect. But, I will say, Sam and I have been basically txting nonstop..more than me and Alex!

Okay, any advice? I do not want to hurt Alex. He is closest to me. Should I talk to him about my feelings and ask for a break or just dump him? Or should I talk to Sam and re-let him I have a boyfriend and to back off? Or something else? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!!  

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    Alex: Yeah, if your feelings aren't there, then it will only get harder to do something about it later. Be honest and try not to burn the bridge.

    Sam: Don't start dating him (or anyone for that matter) right away. You can still be friends, but the same thing may happen that happened between you and Alex (loss of interest).

    Honesty is the best policy and hanging out on your own will give you a chance to reflect and see what you really want.

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    at first it probably seemed really cool, but it always gets awkward after a while. talk to him and explain that it just doesn't feel as right as you thought. and that you still really like him as a friend, but nothing else.

    and with Sam, just be careful.

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    tell sam your taken. and he has to stop contacting you so much.. and if it continues your not speaking to him until further notice

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