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reporting an underage drinking party anonymously?

Ok.. so there is this party going on that I know of, there may be underage drinking going on i'm 99.9% sure but not positive.. if I called the cops on a pay phone near my house to report this anonymously without giving my name would the cops go and search his house? another question is there any way i can get caught and in trouble for this? if or if there isn't drinking at this party... i don't want anyone to find out that i am doing this call.. HELP

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    You can call this in at a "payphone" They'll ask who is calling - and you must give some name - make one up, say that you were just at the party and its' getting rowdy. If there is underage drinking going on - the police will go to door, and ask for an adult to discuss the report. You cannot be charged with false information.

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    You can call from the pay phone and the cops will most likely send a unit over. They will most likely sit outside and look for signs of underage drinking. Like kids going into the house, LOUD music and things like this. But they will need proof before they can just enter into the house. But bottom line is NO you do not have to give your name.

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    Google underage drinking hot line in your area. I know we have them here where I live (AZ). If not, try calling the police non-emergency line in your city and say you suspect underage drinking and would like to report it anonymously, I'm sure they will help you out. That's what they are there for. I'm sure they would rather check out a party than be scraping teenagers off the street in the wee hours.

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    the cops can't go to a house with a purpose, you calling gave them a purpose, so they would go, and from previous experience theyll search for alochol related activities.

    No I don't believe you would if you went through a pay phone and was anonymously calling.

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    If you call the police anonymously and from a pay phone, there is no way that they can trace it to you and they would not spend any time trying.

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    Go to your police dept. and talk to a cop and give them the address and what time the party starts and the facebook event.

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    well yeah duh they would search. but why would you call?

    There is no reason to bust those kids. If they are stupid while drinking then they will get caught but if they are smart enough to hide it then there is nothing wrong with it. maybe you shouldnt rat people out just because

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    Why the heck would you want to narc out somebody's party? Killjoy. I hope you get caught and ostracized.

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    snitches get stitches for being little bitches

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    hmmmm.......someone wasn't invited!!!!!

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