If routers reside at more than one layer, what is the difference between the OSI layers?

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    Routers... do not... reside at more than one layer. How to put this. Routers ROUTE at layer 3, they then apply layer 2 headers (when they SWITCH the packets interfaces), and put the signals on the layer 1 wire. Okay, they kind of work on 3 levels, but each job is separate and distinct per layer.

    I don't intend on re-writing what has been extensively covered a number of times by others (which, honestly, you could find by just plugging the words "OSI Model" into a search engine), so here is a link:


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    As David said, they basically reside at layer 3 for all intensive purposes. The OSI model isn't absolute, it is just a guide for the most part.

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    In addition, it's worth while to also make note; that the model you're referencing isn't what's being used for the routing. the TCP/IP model is, in which it's both routing based on (OSI L3), and stripping and tagging the MAC (OSI L2) at TCP/IP L2 Internet.

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