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Windows movie maker help?!?

I made a video, I saved it in my documents, and pasted it into my videos.I want to edit on windows movie maker, and i can't find it!

Can someone please tell me how to find it or something?!


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    Maybe your computer accidentaly deleted it, check your recycle bin first, and then if not there search for it on your computer using the search option and if not found STILL then maybe your file is seen as invisible, if so then go to Tools > Folder Options > View > Drop down list - Hidden files and folders, and if STILL not found your computer could be short on memory on your C:/ drive (or some other letter for a drive) and deleted files in order to save recommended room.

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    Maybe you accidentally moved it somewhere.

    Just go to START --> Search --> For files and folders. Type in the name of the video, or some letters you remember from the video and hopefully you'll find it.

    Hope So :)

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    You should make video wmv for Windows Movie Maker.

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    in wmm it has to be a specific kind of movie file (.avi i know works) to be able to edit. when navigating to your folder in wmm make sure the drop down box under the file name says all files or something of the sort

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  • You have to go to the side bar and "Publish" to finish it. To go back and re-fix it you can't copy it. I don't know if this helps or not....

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