Have you played Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (xbox360)?

How is it?

I'm interested in buying it.

I really enjoy a good rpg with various weapon and armor upgrades, aswell as a exp based leveling system and a nice set of spells and magic with a choice of characters to choose from...thats all i ask.. ;)

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago


    Yes, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is a good rpg game. I really enjoyed the game. U can choose the class, upgrade weapon and armor, has exp based leveling system and so on. Each class has its own unique story, skills, mounts and playing styles. U can freely roam and explore the world. The world is huge with many side quests and monsters. Acquiring the skills are easy and understanding the game is also quite easy if u are a fan of rpg.

    It's almost like other rpg games like Oblivion, etc. but with huge world to explore . For me, its more like a MMO game rather than a RPG. Hope u'll enjoy the game. :D

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