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Why Do Some Insist That Those Of Us Lucky Enough To Have Good Health Coverage...?

.... will have to give it up for the national coverage President Obama is proposing?

This is not the case. And why would you begrudge a decent health care plan to those who are working but can't afford to get a private plan? This includes many of our seniors who have worked hard all their lives. And don't talk to me about illegals (whom I do NOT support). That is a different fight.

Why spread lies? And what is your problem? Is it strictly a partisan issue with you?


@Cody: Wipe that smug look off your face young man. Many people in this country work hard all their lives but didn't end up wealthy. Not everyone just getting by financially is on the dole or sat on their @ss all their lives. THEY earned it too. And then when they thought they would collect what they had earned, and in their most vulnerable years, they are told to go to the back of the line. Save your self-righteousness for someone who doesn't know any better.

Update 2:

@HollyS: Thanks for the civics lesson, but I am not wearing it as a costume. I am wrapped in it. See the distinction there? BTW... you better send that link to Uncle Sam.

Update 3:

@HonestLivivng: You people are ridiculous. I am not about to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The 'illegal' insert here is just one more scare tactic designed to get this thrown out. I will not allow our good citizens to suffer because you are worried that someone who shouldn't might get some. They already are. It IS a different fight. Instead of using the 'illegals' to dismiss this plan, put your energy into making our reps take action on the illegal issue.

Update 4:

@BeKind: Technically... yes they get Medicare. Just like my mom, who at 69 was still working. But part time. She 'received' Medicare... you know what her 'deductable' was? $1000 a month. Got that? $1,000 a MONTH. R-i-g-h-t. She died from Pancreatic Cancer in February because of it. Fat lot of good her Medicare did.

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    I'm an independent so I tend to look at issues without looking through the eyes of either party. One thing that really bothered me was when Obama himself said that only productive citizens would receive health care.

    Also I read a clause in it that gave the government the right to issue a cease and desist order against any private health insurance company that they deemed as possibly becoming insolvent. Other wording led me to believe this was designed to become a single payer plan within 5 years after passage of the bill. Seniors get Medicare that they have paid for all their lives but according to the Wall Street Journal, they will no longer receive the kind of care they do now or anything close.

    EDIT: I'm 62 so this is all very worrisome to me. I heard there were changes to Medicare but haven't heard what they were. People have always had to have supplemental health insurance with Medicare. Now it sounds like Medicare is the supplement. I'm sorry about your mother but this health care insurance would not have saved your mother. The Wall Street Journal says it will refuse life saving measures for the older citizens.

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    In the 1950’s and 1960’s most hospitals were non profit community hospitals. Even a lower middle class family could afford basic care without going bankrupt.

    The reason that medical costs are so high is simply corporate greed at every level. You have seen what corporate greed is capable of in the last few years just look at the banks and Wall Street. The majority of individual bankruptcies are due to medical costs.

    My family has very good medical insurance due to my employer who BTW writes off every cent it pays for employee health care. The real problem is if I lost my job and had serious medical problems it would wipe out a lifetimes worth of work. My retirement, savings and even my home could all be lost.

    Why are medical costs to non insured people higher than to people who have insurance? Corporate greed, Corporate greed, Corporate greed, Health care should be non profit and we’ve let big business drain the pockets of every American. We can’t make the fat cats act responsibly the only solution is to bring another player into the game and the only other player available is the government.

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    No, I am against Obama's plan, not because he is a dem but because I don't feel his plan is anything other then basic health care. I have been in support of covering American's who can not afford health care.

    To make this as short as possible I must tell you that my family member has excellent insurance. She is very lucky to be put in the best hospital in this country for treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury. If it hadn't been for this hospital and the grace of God, she would be a vegetable for the rest of her life. Sadly, I can't say the same for her friend who is not getting the proper care while on Medicaid. The beurocracy involved is incredible. I am sickened by the lack of care he is receiving. There is nothing in this world I would want more then for the best hospital in this country to be forced to take him in and treat him the same way as my insured relative.

    I wonder if Obama care is better then the Canadian model or the European model. It better be judging from all the Canadians and Europeans who are also in this same hospital. One Canadian told me her son was denied because he was not near death. If she had kept him there, he would without a doubt remained in nursing home type conditions. Here, he is walking out on his own.

    I know a lot of people make this a partisan issue. Some people, in spite of their party affiliations want the best for really sick people. The best is not basic. It is certainly no where near what our elected officials health care is like. Not even close. That is why, most of us do not want government involved when there is so much that can be done first to guarantee the best care for all.

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    Thanks for a good post. How many of the 'too expensive' gang understand we are already paying more for health care than we will under this plan. I pay $1,400 a month for family coverage. I really do not care who i pay. I just want to know it will not go away should my wife or I get very sick. I also pay an .25 sales tax for the public health system in Alameda County California. This public health system is used by Walmarts employees. They get no health insurance. Top that with inflated premiums to cover costs incurred by the uninsured, and my federal and state tax dollars for a patchwork opf programs most poor people cannot navigate, and you bet 'Socialized' medicine looks attractive. Quality care for less. shorter lines too. I have having some dimwit in a bangalore call center telling my Dr how to practice medicine.

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    It isn't that I would ever wish such a fate on any legal, hardworking U.S. Citizen, nor any such person in any other country. In fact (and you know how much I love our "Party" system) I honestly believe that the same legislation would gurgle up eventually, regardless of "which party" controlled what branch of government.

    The logic coming out of the party/media-machine has never been more than tactical diversion.

    The real issue isn't whether medical expenses should be shared by all - voluntarily or involuntarily - but whether we're all paying for nothing.

    We pay a king's ransom for a bill of goods written in disappearing ink (and an invisible shaft).

    Americans get the best health treatment by paying for non-subsidized care in Asian and E. European countries. When I lived in Asia, most countries I visited offered little or no govt assistance. Yet they could do for US$15 (equivalent) what would cost no less than $200, here.

    There secret? They had no "AMA", "FDA" or other such special interest groups controlling the supply of desperately needed treatment and pharmaceuticals. And their schools turned out far more medical professionals per than the U.S. does ... again, thanks to special interests bottle-necking the flow of potentially excellent contributors.

    I could visit with a doctor, be carefully diagnosed, watch the nurses and other assistants fold exact dosages of meds into small, origami-like pouches... all for that same $15.


    Edit: I forgot to add that the doctors all seemed extremely well-off in those countries, driving Benz, Rolls, Jag's, living in palatial homes, the works. When I added up the number of patients each saw, though, it all came together.

    Here in the U.S., my doctor (now deceased) often discussed with us (he lived across the street for the last 24 years of his life) the reasons he practiced as he did, worked so many hours, newly graduated doctors had it so tough, etc.

    ==>> They must pay enormous malpractice insurance premiums. <<==

    Bottom line, we pay the insurance companies fortunes for nothing and the doctors are paying both for their med-school loans AND enormous fortunes for even less.

    Who's the bad guy here?

    a) The patient?

    b) The doctor?

    c) Those who oppose govt-paid care?

    d) Those who favor it?..., or

    e) The insurance companies (and their lawyers).


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    In my view it is simple the government plan will always be cheaper than a private plan and the government is not a business and does not play by the same rules.

    Our government does not ever run out of money they just print more it does not work that way with a private company. As more and more private insurance companies go out of business then people will be forced to be a part of the government system if they want insurance.

    There is a provision in the bill that will require you to sign up for the government plan if you drop or try and change your private coverage. I don't want national health care it will never work I don't care what anyone says I want my FREEDOM to pick my own plan just like Obama and members of Congress already have.

    Obama and those in Congress don't have to sign up for this plan and they don't want to that should be a big eye opener for everyone.

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    They keep listening to the corporate tools that TELL them what to think and what to be afraid of. Some of the "arguments" would make me laugh if they weren't so serious in their beliefs. The only thing stopping us from having affordable health care in this country is corporations that put profit above people.

    Health insurance companies are the only corporations I can think of that get away with taking your money for years and years and when it comes time for you to get what you pay for can then refuse to provide the services you have already paid for.

    The list of low-life things they get away with is unbelievable. That they are able to get the very people they are stealing from to tout their plan is scary.

    Universal Health care is NOT socialized medicine. There are simply some things that should be non-profit, FOR stockholders. Health care is one of them.

    "We should not sugarcoat the nature of the Corporate run healthcare insurance system we have in America. It is a system designed and based upon deceit, deception, and fraud. It is a system Corporate con men and snake oil salesmen. Greed is what drives it. The lust for money keeps its wheels and gears well greased.

    Especially complicit are Senators, Congressmen, Corporate CEO’s, corporate employers, the all powerful health insurance industry and pharmaceutical industry, and the elite law firms and special interest lobbyists that stalk the halls of Congress.

    Last year one healthcare insurance CEO made $1.2 billion. The current minimum wage is under $7.50 an hour."

    ~James Dunham

    Source(s): Voltaire: "He who can lead you to believe an absurdity can lead you to commit an atrocity."
  • As I wonder too. I just started a job. I have no health coverage. no medical, no dental no nothing. If I were to go see a doctor/dentist as I NEED to, they'd laugh me out of the office.

    "No cash? No coverage? I'm sorry".... and I'd be able to hear them snickering as I sauntered out of the door. I'd die...then the city or county would have to pay for my funeral as some random indigent. Damned immigrants get better coverage than natural born citizens who have worked all their lives.

    Try going to Mexico and applying for health care....

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    Government health care will cause the private healthcare to go bankrupt. What private company can compete with such low costs of coverage.

    For the person talking about kids going to bed at night with a tooth ache...if we were under a program like Canada or England that kid would go months with out care.

    For those of you who "read" the bill did you know that once you turn 65 will have to be "counselled" on hospice care?

    This will be the end of the Dems if this passes.

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    Think about major corporations you as a liberal know that they are not looking out for the best interest of american consumers but profit.

    Thats why they are sending american jobs over sea's for lower wage cost they want to cut cost for more room for profit.

    The republicans are right about one thing when the government plan is implemented major corperations will drop their private insurance plan for their employees and take the government one.

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