Ok so my mom just got an iPhone 3G (not 3G S), and she wants to know what kind off apps she might like?

She isn't very tech-smart if you know what I mean. So what apps would the average mom find helpful and interesting? I would prefer them to be free. But if they are great and cost money, but worth the money, why not. Thanks for the help! :)

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    relies upon if ur in us or canada etc yet right here in U.S. it relies upon on your contract. all iphones are required to have the 30 dollar records plan. you have unlimted internet. there is diverse plans ofcourse. to me its worth it however the 3gs seems greater effective. it works with 3g or wi fi or part i pay a hundred and fifty a month with unlimted txt internet and minutes

  • 1 decade ago

    ok, go to itunes and search for apps

    **grocery shopping... gives her a check out price before she checks out

    **unlock the car if she cant find her key badge

    **open car port, if button in car is broken or there is no button in car

    **horoscope? LOL

    There are over 1000000 apps and 10000 made everyday! Whatever she is into and likes... search on itunes for it

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