Why was Severus Snape in Slytherin if he wasn't what was known as a "pure blood"?

Because to my understanding, he was a teacher for the house of slytherin and when Harry Potter finds out that his father (James) teased Snape.


But looking back at Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Professor McGonigall states that Salazar Slytherin was very "selective" of his students and thought that all wizard families should be kept within.

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    i think that the slytherins were supposed to be pure bloods because that's what salazar slytherin meant. snape was an exception to this. he was probably in it for the other caulaties that the slytherins have

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    That was a major factor in choosing the members of Slytherin but not the only one, Harrys not a pure-blood but the hat thingy wanted to put him in in Slytherin

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    It's a spotlight on class structures. Hardly anyone in Slytherin is a pure blood AND they know it. But appearances must be maintained, my dear, ours are old and noble wizarding families, so let's not let pesky facts get in the way.

    It's hypocrisy, which exists in many social structures. It's one of the things that makes them particularly nasty: exclusionist, but for no good reason, no logical reason.

    If one is American, one might not get the point. It's important to note that Britain has long struggled against a class system that was always more prevalent and oppressive over there than over here. However, America has its own class systems, too. Here, it's not the length of your pedigree, but the size of your bank balance that matters...even if in reality, you're mortgaged to the hilt and deep in debt, at least you *look* rich.... And appearances are all that matter, my dear.

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    you have a very good point.

    keep in mind as well that harry potter wasn't a pure blood, and the sorting hat wanted to put him in there.....

    i never really understood the slytherin standards very well.

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    I think being a pureblood is preferred but not required to be in Slytherine otherwise there wouldnt be very many slytherin students

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    So is Voldemort......and Harry almost got in Slytherin(but he didn't want...) i think what's important is the wizard blood.....not exactly being pureblood

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    The sorting hat doesn't care where a witch or wizard comes from. He only reads what is in the person's mind.

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    Hm, yeah true but snape ended up there cause he would be a brave person and would be like a pure blood only way i see it

    Snape is awesome! most INTERESTING character ever@

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