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Ouija Board experiences to share?

I just want some experiences that you've had, good or bad. I have never used one, nor will I, so please dont tell me to stay away from it because I am already doing so. I believe it is evil and Satanic, as I am Christian, so please do not make fun of me and say that it's just a toy. Thank you, and answer away!

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    I don't think they are evil,we have had some accurate experiences with them.One time a message was spelled out when my mom and our friend were using it,It spelled out-"Caution sugar now." Not that long after my mom was diagnosed with diabetes.They can be accurate.

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    As a young man my friends and I did have a stretch where we used an Ouija board.It is a very odd experience,I never could figure it out.My best guess is that you are in fact moving the center piece but have tricked your self into feeling otherwise,it really does seem to move on its own.I have a hard time thinking though that a game bought at K-mart and a game that is produced by the same company that makes Chutes and ladders is capable of summoning the dead.But anyway,here is my spooky Ouija story.One night my friend Phil and I were fooling with the ouija board.While asking questions only a thirteen year old boy could care about the board promptly spelled out SHUT UP PETE in rapid jerky movements. Phil had a brother named Pete who wasn't there at the time but sure enough not even ten seconds later the telephone rang and it was Pete asking what we were doing.

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