Confused about the Pell Grant?

I was told by the college I am soon attending that I can use my GI Bill and apply for FAFSA. So I applied for both like they told me to. I got an e-mail online saying I was approved for an amount for the Pell Grant. I got nothing on my GI Bill. I signed up for Chapter 33 GI Bill so I should get a living expense amount each month also.

When I went to sign up for classes, it says all I had to pay for was the parking and everything else was paid for (only $20) but it didn't say how. I was only in the military for a couple years so the GI Bill will only cover 70% of everything so I was shocked to see I only owed parking.

I need to buy books and a new computer (mine is dying fast and I have an online class) School is starting Aug 31. I have no clue what is going on.

Will I receive the money for the Pell Grant soon so I can buy the required books?

How does this work exactly, should I be worried?

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    I would contact your financial aid department at the school you are planning to attend. As far as I understand it, because I too am a veteran receiving benefits under the new bill, the "book stipend" and any "kicker" or "acf" you received will be disbursed on August 3rd. The way the VA lady explained it to me, under the new bill you get the pell grant and the GI bill. Apparently they have been trying for years to get this approved, and finally have. I would suggest possibly calling the VA they have a number listed on their site, which can be found at

    Good luck to you!!

    Source(s): Veteran receiving Post 9/11 GI Bill
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    It doesn't matter how long since you've worked, just the fact that you made a certain amount of money that calendar year. They take into consideration whatever you or your parents made in that time period. But on the other end of the spectrum, somebody could get a pell grant for their final year and then make a bunch of money that same year, and they'd be getting free money and a constant paycheck. You'll be alright for next year though.

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    Most schools have a disbursement date that they release financial aid to students. Check with your school to see when that is, but for me it is usually 2 weeks after the first day of classes and then my funds take about a day to clear so I have access to them. Check with the school to be sure but I don't think you should be worried. My school also releases some funds to the school bookstore during the first week of class so you can purchase books (but you may still have to pay out of pocket in advance because it's not may not be enough to cover all the books you need). Call the financial aid office to verify if your school does any of this too.

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    you will want to talk to financial aid about your pell grant and they will tell you how much they will also send you something in the mail to help you pay for your books.

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  • Dan
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    People will either receive the Pell Grant or G.I. bill. Remember, they are both, government issued, you take one or the other, hopefully the higher amount.

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