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Why, in all of his years of schooling, didn't Prof. Gates learn to grovel?

Quite often, the Master will have pity on you, if you will simply lick his boots.

Lick them, citizen. You may be able to avoid arrest.

LICK them.

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    If Gates had been a white man, he very likely wouldn't have been asked for identification because the police wouldn't have thought to check him to see if he really belonged there. They would have just assumed it and then offered him assistance. The fact of the matter is that black people, especially men, are treated differently than whites. If they are driving a late model expensive car, they are far more likely to be stopped by police for no apparent reason than a white person driving a similar car. Not only that but try being a black man wanting to hail a taxi in a major city. Most cab drivers will simply pass them by and pick up someone else down the street. TV weatherman Al Roker has said this has happened to him even though he was dressed in a business suit and had his daughter with him.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Gates is nothing but a black prejudice liberal elite. How dare a white cop question him. It would have been resolved in two minutes if Gates didn't hurl insults at a cop just doing his job. Obama is no better, he knew the facts and was aware the question about Gates was going to be asked. Obama just sided with his racist hommie.

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    Gates should have calmed down and shown them the ID when they first asked; the cops should have examined the ID closely and left; Obama shouldn't have assumed racial profiling. They all made mistakes.

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    what the **** really? all you black people complain about how us white people are racist but yet all you do is make stupid comments about how we oppress you and don't allow you to do anything with your life etc. Its not our fault you drive up the crime rate.

    That Gates guy is a god damn idiot, all the cop did was ask for his I.D. which is a reasonable request when your breaking into a house(whether its yours or not) all he wanted to do was see if he really owned that house. Even the black cops that were with the white cop said the Gates guy was acting stupid.

    I'm sorry but this whole black people can be racist toward white people but white people cannot even look at a black person has to stop **** you all who sit there and say everything a white person does is racist when your talking about us being crackers and other things like that. I hate you hypocritical types.(white and black and mexican etc)

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  • xiphos
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    Only conservatives are expected to grovel.

    Liberals are superior.

    You know this.

    Why bother?

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    It will be well suited for you to keep your backwards, inbred, ignorant and uneducated remarks to yourself. Coward!!!

  • Deb
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    1 decade ago

    Obviously he's an arrogant old thing.

  • 1 decade ago

    He from Africa

  • Anonymous
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