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I'm invited to the wedding of a Pakistani neighbor. As a guest, what is expected of me? Gift, attire, etc.?

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    Dress as you would for a western wedding, and bring a gift appropriate to a western wedding. Don't attempt to try to be Pakistani, that might turn out to be insulting.

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    well if their really religious you should show some respect to them and wear a hijab ( the scarf they wear around their head) and i recomend wearing a loose fitting dress as muslims dress modest and wear nothing tight like that...

    as for gifts well if their religious i would buy some hijabs for the bride and maybe a niqab.. its a wedding anywys so you can buy anything normal for them lol... just dont buy gift cards i know many pakistani ppl and they find that rude. well have fun and dont mingle with the woman there or guys if youre a girl but most likely they will seperate the men from woman

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    Very simple. Call them ahead of time and tell them you want to be a respectful guest and want to know what their traditions are.

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    I think they have crazy traditions like throwing money on each other. You may want to bring a wad of singles. Also a flute to make the cobras dance. Other than that, you should be good. Don't forget to wear your head dress

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