Need help buying a simple mp3 player?

I don't really know anything about mp3 players since they came out and I had a basic one yrs ago that was tiny (I am way behind in technology,lol) but I am just looking to buy a simple inexpensive mp3 to go to the gym with,it doesn't have to hold many songs or anything super fancy...just mainly want something that is nice quality,durable and songs good for less than $50.Ebay has them really cheap but I don't know what I'm looking for,never had anything like these before! Please help!

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    If you're looking to go simple and under $50, a 2GB Sansa Clip will do you just fine. You could probably fit between 250 and 400 songs on it, depending on how large the files are (i.e. files that are 128kbps and/or generally 4mb will allow you to fit more on it than files that are 192kbps and/or 6mb). With the clip, you can just clip the player to your shirt or pants and then get on working out without worrying about where to put the player/it falling/buying a strap/etc. Sound quality is very good, considering the earphones it comes with, and it plays FM Radio, as well. Very easy to put songs on the player--when you plug it up to your computer, it shows up as another drive in My Computer. You can just copy/paste songs to it without downloading special software for it. Also from a trustworthy name brand, and you don't need anything like iTunes like you need with an iPod Shuffle.

    I bought my father a 4GB one over a year ago, and his still works great. He uses it to workout now, as well. You might be able to find a 4GB one for right at $50, too.

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    Sansa Clip:

    The Clip has an FM radio, great sound quality, and is small enough to not be obtrusive while working out. It has a display to help with navigation and the player the has ability to hold playlists. There's a 4 GB version if you need more space. And if you don't feel it's durable, you can buy a cheap silicone case.

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    Try SanDisk Sansa Fuze 4 GB Video MP3 Player. it has good review.

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    Try a zune for $47 (link on source) only black though.$57 with headphones.No shipping fee or tax. Need software from

    Never go to an apple device for cheap mp3 players.

    This device has a lot of features and very easy to navigate push or slide your finger to the direction you want to go menu is big.

    Here is more details about the player.

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    Your going to want something simple. And I love Apple products for that!! So I found where you can get a 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle for 45$ BRAND SPANKING NEW

    Amazon is a reputable site, that I buy from often. And for 45$ you have yourself a very nice 1GB Blue or Pink or Green or Silver iPod that holds 500 Songs... Way more than most people need. And it shuffles it for you and its easy to learn how to use. Theres only Back, Forward, Play/Pause, Volume Up/Down... Thats it!

    And this little iPod clips wherever you need it to go. On your shirt, on your pants pocket... sleeve. Anywhere.. I use mine in my car and clip it to my sun visor so its easy for me to switch songs :]

    Source(s): I've had Green and now I have the Blue one.
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    idk i found 3 ipods on the street

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