What name should i give to my new company???Please help?

I am going to start a new company which will be largely engaged machinery for international market. I need a name for it.Could you give me some suggestions about it.

Thanks a million.


The machinery would be new building materials manufacturing equipments, like rockwool and glass wool manufacturing machines and such like that.The target market woulld be internatioanl one.Could you please give me some suggestions about naming one.

Thx a millions

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    The company name can be basic but kept professionally presentable ; (Daniels Tradings Pty Ltd) ,(Daniels Industries Ltd) , (Daniels Wholesale) ,whatever . . . , the company name is only for formal paper work. The company name can be simple and bland because it doesn't really do much.

    The business or trading name is the one that people need to recognize as a symbol of what you will provide to them. Your trading name is a call sign to potential customers, and the first impression of your business. So the trading name needs to be impressive and catchy.

    When drafting a name, think of how it will set in with a logo and a slogan and how it will spell on a web- domain. If its a long name like: "Machinery for men who love manufacturing rock-wool" then how many people are gonna sit there and type that in to look at your web page.

    But if it's like "Machines for men" and get a domain like "www.mform.com" you'll get more hits.

    The name should represent an honest, reliable, quality product. Try to use a power word like Force or Strength to set a mental picture and it also sets the feng-shui` for the success of your business. Strength and trust in your product, strength and trust in your dealings. The name should be able to tye in with a logo and look good on letter heads and business cards. For eg; EFFECTIVE MACHINERY effective for your daily quota. EFFECTIVE MACHINERY being the name and effective for your daily quota being the slogan.

    EASY EFFORTS doubling your production

    MIGHTY TURNOUT now your're manufacturing

    PRIME EQUIPMENT for the insulation industry

    I realy got no idea what to call yourself but i hope my suggestions have given some food for thought. Good luck with it all.

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    Daniel's International Machinery Palooza

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    Machine's Revolt

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    Armatech Machinery???

    Your initials here and Sons

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    I will give you a good name if you give me half the profits. HAHAHHA

    think of one yourself in the future it will make you feel happy that YOU thought of the name for YOUR company.

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    superfly industries

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