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How to use a volt meter to test an amp?

The power button to the amp lights up but wont put work when hooked up to the sub. I just basically need to know where to put the two prongs (red and black) and what settings to put the volt meter on. I also have a capacitor hooked up i dont know if that might be the culprit or if it can even blow.

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    if the amp has power the capacitor is not the problem. use the volt meter to measure the impedance of the sub. Make sure you it says between 4-8 ohms. Hook the volt meter up to the sub box terminals and turn the knob to the ohm setting, its generally noted by a funny looking symbol. when testing speakers the prongs can be hooked up to either terminal positive or negative.

    If your getting a good reading then your problem is not the sub or power. If that's the case than you probably hooked the amp up improperly. check the connection to the radio, make sure its hooked up to an output and not an input on the radio.

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