How do I get out of living with my mom?

I just turned 15 in June. I can't stand living with my mother. She blames me for everything, when I do absolutely nothing. I would have to say she is completely crazy and she does not yell, she screams and it's a constant thing. I am so close to my father it's not even funny. They've been divorced for about a year now. I can't stand the way I live. I can't stand how I always feel so down, I feel like I'm depressed all the time. My mother just cares about herself, herself, herself. I also would have to say I cry almost all the time, I hate the feeling. I told my father I wanted to live with him but he is a calm-minded person and he does not want to have to deal with the whole court thing to get my custody because my mother is going to fight it, just so she can get my child support money. I live with a younger sister also, my mother treats her like a saint and I can't stand how everything seems to be my fault because she is so selfish and proud of herself because nothing is ever her fault. Basically, I live in the state of TEXAS, I live in the city of CORPUS CHRISTI. I want to know by what the law states if I am old enough to have the right to have a voice to a court or someone and also the right to choose who I want to live with. help, please?

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    1 decade ago
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    book it outta your house get a job and start fresh.

  • Annie
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    1 decade ago

    I think this should be up to your dad to do something through the court. Are you sure your being a good kid, not giving your mom grief?

    Parents also go through a lot after a divorce and sometimes they do get a little selfish at first, so be patient with her. Try to see how things would go if you really tried to work this out with your mom.

  • 1 decade ago

    i dont know what the law is in texas, but you should be able to choose who you want to live with, especially if you are in an abusive situation. Have you explained to your dad what is going on? If you have truthfully explained what is going on, your mother is being abusive. She doesnt have to hit you to be abusive. Emotional/Mental Abuse is worse than physical abuse. If it is that bad, I would tell your dad that if he doesnt do something, You will. Talk to a school counselor, your dr, or as a last resort call social services.

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