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how can i learn sign language?

I really wanna learn how to use sign language

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    here you can learn words and such but it would be good to search for a group or a class at the local college or search out a deaf person who is willing to teach you

    the thing to remember is there is a basic sign language but each region, country, contentent, etc will have their own signs and meanings.

    good luck, i learned sign for my work. not a lot but it worked :)

  • suero
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    4 years ago

    you'll both get a signal language publication and be trained on ur possess or get dvd or video and be trained that manner.. or move to categories.. plenty of tuition and university furnish signal language elegance.. Im deaf myself.. I might instruct you myself.. seem up telephone publication for interpreter carrier and speak to them and ask them.. they continually recognise wherein each and every elegance is because so much of them is instructing elegance themselves..

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