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college major.. undecided?

so i have no idea what i want to do with my life... i have to declare a major by the end of this semester, and i'm absolutely clueless. i took a sociology class and i really enjoyed that. but from what i've heard, you can't get anywhere with just a bachelors degree in soc- you'd have to go on to grad school. plus, i have NO idea what kind of job i'd get a soc degree anyway.

i'm just afraid of picking something & then ending up hating it. i want to be in an exciting career, with some traveling & such. being stuck in a cubicle 9-5 every day scares the hell out of me.

anyone have any suggestions?

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    You can indeed get far with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology. . . But, most likely NOT in a Sociology field. Most Sociology graduates end up in the Business world (often successful HR professionals, and also excell in Marketing), or nonprofits, or even the military. A BA in Sociology trains you to think first, so when you have a degree in it, you market yourself as having perspective on the actions of people, a skill that is used in any profession.

    Be flexible. If you don't want to work in a cubicle, don't apply for any cubicle jobs. There are tons of careers that require travelling. Undergraduate major very often doesn't matter. About 1/5 of Americans have college degrees, and many work in fields completely unrelated to their major.

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    Most humanities majors don't end up doing anything close to what they majored in; what's most important is developing your critical thinking and written communication skills.

    Don't stress it so much! IMO what's most important is pursuing a wide variety of coursework you're interested in, which should lead to a better GPA, which is best when you start looking for jobs.

    And good luck on travelling and every other college grad want an exciting career. Unless you've got some major connections plan on putting in some grunt work to get there first!

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    in case your dream is to grow to be a criminal professional and you will't see your self doing the rest, then you definitely would desire to truly pursue that dream and choose for it. you will not fall at the back of in case you bypass to college as unsure. a lot of human beings bypass to college as unsure and there is not something incorrect with that. maximum faculties do not even require you to declare your important till the top of your sophomore year. basically take liberal arts classes for now and different classes you would be attracted to. with any luck in a year or 2 you will comprehend what you desire to do. good success!

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    You need to take a specific test called the "Strong Interest Inventory". This will show how your interests match those of people who are already successful in their field.

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