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Can you get struck by lightning if?

I'm sooooo scared of lightning. If you are outside and the stars are shining right above you but there is lightning all around because of approaching storms can you still be struck? I've always heard if you can see lightning then that means you can still be struck.

Sorry if this sounds stupid but serious answers would be appreciated.

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    Yes. While lightning normally comes straight up and down from a cloud it is possible for it to come from the top down or the side down. If this happens then it could hit anywhere within eye sight. Although the chances of this are slim I would suggest going indoors

    Source(s): My severe and unusual weather class
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    I have lived in Florida most of my life, and yes you can be struck by lighting even with a relatively clear sky. People out playing golf carry their own lighting rod! Oops. Also the nice umbrellas with a Metal rod and a point on the end are looking to get a zap.

    For the most part if you have the sense to get in out of the rain and not use a hair dryer, plus stay away from windows, you'll be fine.

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    if you can hear thunder your close enough to be struck by lightning.

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    Anything is possible. That's nature for you.

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