how can someone attain salvation?


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    Simply believing is said not to save in the Bible. In the book of James, it is written, "Even the demons believe." That's not the end all be all.

    Read Colossians 2, especially verses 2:11-12.

    It looks as if we have to believe and have faith (both actions on our part) and be spiritually circumcised. The Bible speaks of that as being buried beneath water in the act of baptism. In 2:13, it says that then being made alive with Christ through that action, we have our sins forgiven.

    Of course, there will be people that say, just believe and accept Jesus. I say you must believe and accept Jesus too, but I read here and in other places about this spiritual circumcision. You can't just throw this part of the Bible away because some people have had humans teach them and their parents for years that it's only faith, belief and acceptance.

    But I'm just a guy and you must examine the truth in the Bible for yourself.

    Source(s): The Bible.
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    1 decade ago

    You need to first define "salvation" before you can attain it. It's a personal thing.

    For example, "salvation" has a fairly precise meaning in Christianity - it is the fundamental principle for this religion's existence. To a rational non-believer, this principle in Christianity is not just silly, it borders on the absurd.

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    the premise is obvious a task that we cannot accomplish on our own, God is infinite and perfect we are not, what act or series of works can we do that God actually needs? Nothing. God is so awesome no one is capable of approaching Him. Like radioactive material it must be containerized before we can be around it. God came to us and put on earthly flesh as Jesus contained God almighty within. The message is believe upon the work of God and receive the indwelling of Gods spirit as a promise or seal to guarantee of our salvation. Faith in the Resurrection and repentance from the old self centered life to a Christ centered one; this is salvation and the promise of eternal life in a body prepared with the capacity to dwell in Gods Presence.

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    Believe in God, accept His Son Jesus as your Savior, ask Him to forgive your sins and live the rest of your life according to the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Bible.

    A Christian (Christ Like) life is the best life ever. I have peace, joy and someone of great and awesome power to help me with any problem that may come.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Only one way to ask the Father for forgiveness and except the sacrifice his Son Jesus Christ made for you!

    God loves all his Children but cannot be with sin!

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    Through Jesus Christ, and what He did for you on the cross. He paid the price for the sins of the world, so if you believe that, ask God to forgive you for your sins, and accept Christ as your Lord and Savior. It is so easy!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you are saved by grace and by bearing good fruit....

    people are often confused about "works" and "deeds"

    trying to do the LAW and get into heaven wont work


    you must bear good fruit though....

    that which does not bear good fruit or bears bad fruit

    gets caste into the fire...

    what is this good fruit? look up fruits of the spirit...

    how much good fruit? only God knows...

    but if you are honestly trying to bear good fruit for the

    Lord he see's and knows all things...

    keep your faith...bear good fruit...and your salvation is good.

  • Nono
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    1 decade ago

    accept Jesus as a God and a savior for your life.. he died for you to live...

    if you are going to go to heaven just because of what you do .. then you will never go there, because as human beings we do bad things everyday... but God Jesus is the way ..just believe in him .. thats it

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