when i woke up this morning my eye was irritating me and now is red, what could it be?

my eye is red and irritates me, what could it be and what can i do for precaution

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    Pink eye, irritation, or a sty.

    If it is pink eye then..if you wear make up....throw away what you used within that week and do not use it again..this can cause you to get it worse or to get it again once its gone. If your eye gets crusty or "sandy" then it is pink eye.

    I woke up one morning with the same thing. I thought I had pink eye but all it was was that the necklace i was wearing was pressing into my eye lol

    (It had a very long chain) lol

    I hope this helps at all :P

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    Could be anything from pink eye, infection, allergies, irritation from something in it.

    I suggest first getting some good eye drops and try flushing it out. If that doesn't work then try some Colloidal Silver.

    If it feels like a piece of sand rolling around in there and you cannot get it out no matter how many times you flush it out then it is time to go to the doctor.

    I have had that happen with pink eye and also when I scratched my eye ball.

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    When I was once younger, my eyes used to get the ones little crusties and switch crimson whilst I was once slumbering whilst my allergy symptoms could act up significantly. However, simply to be at the reliable aspect, you must see a physician... I had a extreme eye illness in my left eye previous this yr (worst affliction conceivable, I child you now not) and ended up having to visit the attention physician a million to two days every week for three months! I additionally needed to placed drops in my eyes approximately 15 occasions an afternoon (now not an exaggeration)... and my imaginative and prescient will in most cases certainly not be advertisements well because it was once earlier than the ordeal. So please get it looked at simply in case! The faster you trap a truly obstacle, the larger danger you've of a fast and not more-painful recuperation. Good good fortune hun! ? cheers!

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    It could be a sty on your eye, allergies, or pink eye. Try using some eye drops first. Try using a warm wash cloth and holding it on your eye. If you think it may be allergies then take some allergy medicine. If you think it may be a sty (which is usualy a red spot on your eye lid) then cut up a potato and put it on your eye.

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    First off don't rub your eye. If you do touch your eye wash your hands good. You could have pink eye. I would go to the doctor if it doesn't go away by Monday. It could even just be allergies.

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