Korean Cyworld, please help.?

So i want to get a korean cyworld, but i can't because i don't have the 8 digit number. Is there another website that is like korean cyworld so i can edit pictures. A website with the same stickers and effects, please and thank you !

p.s. i already have an american cyworld

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Step 1: You click register which is under the box where you sign it. The bottom part but the first one.

    Step 2: You click on the feather one.

    Step 3: Check all the boxes, then click accept which is the first button.

    Step 4: There will be three boxes. The first one you write your name in English. Then leave the other 2 boxes. There will be a circle underneath it, you just click on it since you don't have a residence number. Then click on the first button to go next.

    Step 5: You click on the second circle since you won't have a nate.com email address. Underneath it you put your email address. Then click check which it's next to it. Then it will send you a certification number. It will be your email. Then put the number. Then click on the first button.

    step 6: You fill this out.


    Step 7: you send in your id. It can be a school ID, driver license or passport.

    Step 8: If you received this that mean they accepted you.


    You have to wait for a week before they accept you. If they didn't, you have to resend your ID to them.

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