why would he do this to me?..i have been there for him?

this guy and i liked each other for a while..i have ALWAYS been there for him for and since everything and never got anything in return.. but i guess thats what best friends are for?..and so he asked me out 3-4 months ago and said that he wasn't ready to go out yet.cuz he needed to straighten out his life and i was okay with that bcuz of all the things that he has told me and that i have helped him with and been there for.. so yah 2 days ago we were fighting bcuz of something i don't even remember..he never looks at my status and Tuesday he finally did which of course said " i hate you but i love you deep down you just never notice"..and he asked me if i love him and i lied and said idk and hes like well don't..and everything like that..

so he just changed his mind..

why would he do that? especially with me?.i mean i would do anything for him and he knows that?

and now hes like talking to me a bunches times more then he ever did..and he wants to fix and have everything better..but idk if i could do that

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    1 decade ago
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    He sounds like he doesnt know what he wants or hes just mentally un stable.

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