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Does 4 weeks worth of exercise make a difference?

I've been walking the dog every morning for about an hour. I seldom hit the lake and walk/jog/run 3 miles. Then before I hit the sack at night, I usually do a trio (jumping jack, push-ups and sit-ups) - about 20 each the first time around. The second time, I'll just do as much as I can, then stop.

I'm wondering if I do that for the next 4 weeks, will it make much a difference? On a good day, I'm a little over the 200lb mark. On a bad day, I'm 205-10lbs.

Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks.


@EvK: I'm 5' 6". I forgot to include if it was needed.

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    Yes, definitely. ~200lbs is not actually that much (though I don't know your height), so it shouldn't take to long to start seeing changes in your body composition.

    3 miles is a good distance, any longer and the pace becomes too slow. You want cardio to be intense and efficient. Too much cardio wastes your muscles and causes excessive appetite.

    If at all possible, join a gym. And get into the weight room. Lift heavy weights 3-4 times a week, plus ~3 cardio sessions (20-30mins).

    To see a difference in 4 weeks, you need to preserve your lean muscle mass and burn excess fat. So resistance exercise is improtant, as is getting enough protein.

    Some good food:

    - oats

    - whey protein

    - eggs

    - fish

    - chicken

    - lean ground beef

    - fibrous vegetables (no need to eat what you don't like, though)

    - Brown, whole wheat bread

    + drink ~2L of water a day and limit soda, to perhaps 3 cans a week.

    Good luck, Daoie!

    P.S. If you do find a gym, ask one of the trainers to set you up a weight training program, so they can show you proper form etc.

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    Yes 4 weeks of exercising will make a difference.

    That's a prety good plan you have here. Morning exercising will help you by alot!

    Your trio combination for the night, sounds pretty good also. I wouldn't over do it, instead of doing as much as you can, keep a consistent routine. So do 2 sets of 15-20!!! reps for each. So all together you do 90 reps.

    Also, don't forget to eat right and during the necessary time (breakfast, lunch, dinner/supper). But don't eat after 7pm, otherwise your stomach will store the fat you put into yourself instead of processing it.

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    Yes! I think that will really work! U should start seeing minimum results in a couple of a month or so, u should be seeing greater results! Also, dont forget to be eating right when ur working out. Good job on the fitness routine! Hope i helped :)

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