Do Black people tip?????????

Why do SOME White people have a conceive notion that Blacks don’t tip?

I was with two of my Asian friends at a bar in Scottsdale for a few drinks a few month ago. I bought the 1st round when we got there. We were pretty much drinking the same thing all night, 2 crown and cokes and one patron and pineapple. When my friend got the second round, I noticed that piece sh** of a bar tender I had charged a whole two extra dollars for the same drinks. I would have confronted the guy, but he ordered his drinks from a different bartender. When I said something to my friend who happens to be a well known club owner/ promoter he just laughed as if it wasn’t a big deal and said, “your were charged more because he thought you weren’t going to tip him, they do that **** all the time”…I was pissed off because I gave the guy four dollars and my friend who was Asian gave him 2 bucks.

Then he went on to tell how the club owner who is across the street charges 12-16 for one round of Hennessey because he doesn’t like Black people. I just brushed it off because I was drinking and didn’t want to make a big deal over 4-6 dollars, but you better believe I will not be going back there to spend my money.

People of Color get TAXED on the nights they go out vs. the nights Whites do. We get charged minimum $10-20 just to park, $10-20 to get in and the drinks are more higher…or they will do you like they did me and charge you gratuity on top of drink. You can go to the same club on a night when they are playing top 20 and the crowed is all White and get in free, drink specials all night and park your car for free.

I always tip; I have worked in the industry so I know how it is. Even when I go to restaurants and get bad service I will never stiff someone…I will go and ask for a different server before I do that. I normally tip a little above 15%, if it’s good service I’ll give them 20%, poor service you just get 15%.

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    I'm a server, and I have gotten outstanding tips from black folks. A lot of servers have it drilled in their heads that they don't tip, so they don't really give them good service and a lot of times have a Sh*tty attitude towards them. One time at my old job a black couple came in and sat in the girls section, and she flat out said she would not wait on them, and the manager asked me to take them. They left me 20$. I wouldn't go back to that bar either. People can be real assholes.

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