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13w - sex makes me nervous?

whats the worse that can happen when you have semi rough intercourse? i don't know why it makes me soo nervous


btw i'm 13 weeks.

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    What can happen to the baby? Nothing. Even if you have totally rough sex. The baby is in a bubble. Pregnancy sex is the best sex ever, so I suggest you try to enjoy it.

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    you could enjoy it.

    sex is fine until you break your water. But if you are doing something that hurts, or makes you uncomfortable, then ease up a bit. You don't need to have sex like old people, but you don't want to be doing anything that involves too much jumping, or anything where you are upside down.

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    well...not to scare you but you could tear. How do I know this for sure???? It happened to me. I tore inside and went to the ER. When they looked for the hurt worse than having a baby (I'm on my fourth)..I had to have surgery to fix the issue. DOESN'T mean this will happen to you!!! Just keep your focus and relax. Odds are slim that something bad will happen. i am the only one I know that has had an issue..

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    He's not going to touch any part of your baby at all.

    You don't have anything to worry about unless a doctor told you otherwise.

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    baby i got 5 kids,rock on if it doesn't hurt you than babys fine,actually do you know having sex induces labor?

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    if it hurts you, don't do it. If it pushes on your belly too much, I also don't recommend it, but other than that, hump like a dog!! lol.

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