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When it's very warm and humid at night, is it best to open the windows or keep them closed?

If you keep them closed, wouldn't it at least be less humid inside?

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    Having lived in plenty of places with and without air-conditioning, and in the hot South sometimes, you want to have as much air moving through your house as possible.

    So if you don't have AC, open the windows, doors, etc, and keep as many fans going as possible. Also, to keep the heat down, try to do laundry, dishes, and oven cooking in the evening when it's cooler.

    Take extra cool showers/baths also.

    And the closer to the floor you sleep and rest, the cooler it will be, because hot air rises.

    Moving air in your house with make your skin feel cooler.

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    Only if you have an air conditioner which removes moisture from the air. Otherwise the humidity would be exactly the same inside as out. If there is a breeze then it will feel cooler with the windows open. Having the windows open will allow the heat that built up inside the house during the day to escape outside if there is a breeze to move air.

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    Open in the summer and closed in the winter. That's the general rule for foundation vents so I don't see why it would be any different for basement windows.

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