How do I ask my mom if i can wear makeup?

Ok well im starting 7th grade in about a month nd i wanna start wearing makeup but i don't no how 2 ask my mom. All my friends wear it so i wanna start wearing it. How do i ask my mom???

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    hey! i'm starting 8th grade this year and I know how you feel! I asked my mom last year if I could wear make-up.

    just be like:

    "hey, mom. could i start wearing a little make-up? I just want to see how i feel for a couple of days. I don't want to wear to much, but I think it will give me a little boost of confidence!"

    that worked with me!

    hope that helps and good luck!

    Source(s): personal experience. (:
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    Well first off, you don't have to wear makeup just because your friends do. It also depends what you mean by "makeup." If you're just going to wear eyeliner, that's not really makeup. Do you actually need permission to wear makeup? I've been wearing foundation and mascara and eyeshadow since 6th grade and I never asked my mom. But anyway just tell your mom you're old enough now (I'm sure you're in middle school already and I'm guessing you are or almost 13,) and you're not a child anymore. Just wear makeup but keep it natural. Don't go around wearing bright lip stick and bright or dark eyeshadow and a bunch of eyeliner, sry but then you'll look like a hoe. Honestly, if you have nice clear skin, don't even wear makeup. The big thing is just plucking your eyebrows. Make sure they are nicely shaped not bushy. Anyway, in my experiences, I've learned that guys don't like girls that wear a lot of makeup, especially if you cake it on. So just wear a light foundation with a bit of translucent powder and some mascara and a light amount of eyeliner. Going to dark on the eyeliner will look trashy. Hope this helps.

  • Here are some ideas...

    Try asking her one day if she'll give you makeover and casually bring it up.

    When shes doing her makeup ask her a few questions about makeup and hint around about it.

    Next time your shopping at the drugstore or a place that sells makeup ask her if you can try a certain lipgloss or mascara and see what she says.

    When a makeup commercial comes on tell her 'that looks really pretty, do you think I could try it sometime?'

    The key is to start of slowly and work your way into it. Asking her straight out can be kind of a shocker to her and she'll be more likely to say no. Try one of the tips above but just remember in the back of your head that there is a chance she'll say no. If she won't allow it ask her why (in a mature tone, acting winey will turn her off) and what age she will let you wear makeup.

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    I remember when I asked my mom. (: I went to the store with her, and she was looking in the clothes section or whatever, so I walked over to the makeup section and picked out a few eyeliners. Then I just showed them to her and asked, 'can I get these?' And she said okay. (: Easy right? Just try it.

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    well i didnt even start until like 9th grade

    but just be like "hey mom i wanted to talk to you bout me starting to wear makeup." let her kno that your friends are starting to also and that you'll keep it light [no crazy eye shadows lol] cus ya kno she is your mom and she proly doesnt want you to look too old

    sugest that she help you out with it to see how much your allowed to wear and wat you & her both like

    if she says no at first dont get upset or beg her, she will think you are more mature and concider it more

    jus let it be for like a week and bring it up again and see what you get :]

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    put on a little mascara and be like mom do you like it ? and if shes like ew NO! i would wait a little while b4 askin again. if shes like aww cute be like i think i wanna keep wearing make up . if shes okay with it cool if shes not its not the end of the world ask her later.

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    Wow. I'd hope you can ask your mom anything about anything! Let alone something as reasonable and minor as wanting to use make up when you get to around 12?

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    tell your mom that your getting older and u want to experiment with make up. tell her u wont put a lot on, you just wanna play around with it and tell her she can do ur make up for u if anything so she feels a part of u 'growing up'

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    it all depends what you want to wear. eyeliner is a start. or mascara. if you have nice skin don't use foundation, its going to worsen, trust me that happened to me. but to ask your mom just ask her when she began to wear make up. :)

    oh my display thing say "boyy" but im a girl hehe:D

    Source(s): my experience :)
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