I like business, but not sure what to pursue?

I like business and i've been exposed to a lot of it because my grandfather owns a business, but I don't know what I want to pursue because I don't really know what is out there to choose from. I also like graphic design, but I wouldn't know where to go with that.

Can any one help?



I want some suggestions like business management for example. But I want to hear other branches of business that I'm not aware of.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You have to sit down in a quiet room and give yourself a couple of hours, First list all your strengths and weakness in business. Now decide a to you would like to do the selling. doing something creative.

    Then list all the businesses that would complement your strengths.

    Then decide on a business. Whatever you decide, it should be a burning desire. This business goal should be, in a corny way, in the crucible of your heart. The way you do this by setting a up time linen everyday the goal should be in your subconscious. You do this by repeating your goals verbally every morning, the time you will accomplish your goals. Set your goals on any business plan software. Have a team. I tell you if you do the stuff alone, you will not be able to expand without getting stressed or having a cardiac arrest

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    This is kind of a hard question to ask since everyone is so different and each person may have different things they like and dislike. If you like both perhaps you can start a graphic design business or work with a graphic design company on the business side of things and do side jobs of designing.

    The main thing when choosing what you want to do is to do what you are passionate about and you will be successful and enjoy life.

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