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i want to become a officer of the law?

i want to become an officer in some department

i need advice on what i need to take in college and step by step directions on what i should be doing...

any advice?

(10++points for great advice)++

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    get a bachelors degree in criminal justice, and some colleges offer P.O.S.T (police officer safety training) certification as well

    you do need a 4 year degree though

    once you have that, THEN you do police academy

    good luck, start your workout routine now if you already haven't

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    I also went to school to be a police officer, You have to major in criminal justice. Actually you don't neeed to go to college in most states. But if you live in NY you do, I have a bachelors in Criminal Justice, and you have to look on your cities website or whatever city you want to work for and sign up for the exam and usually there's a fee.

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    criminal justice degree police academy

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