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Are the Freshlook Colorblends demos different from the real contact lense?

Well, I tried the Freshlook Colorblends demo in brilliant blue. I absolutely LOVED the color, but the comfort was HORRIBLE, as soon as I put them in, my eyes started watering and I couldn't see anything. If I order them will they feel the same as the demo? If they feel the same then I will get Acuvue 2 Colors. Thanks! :)

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    Yeah, the ones you order should fit and feel the same as the trials. Did you doctor check the fit? That may be a problem, or you might not be tolerating that lens well. Ask to try the AV2 colors and see how it goes.

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    the trials are much thinner than your actual contacts will be. understand this. your pupils get bigger and smaller in reaction to how much light your eyes are exposed to. the hole in the center of the contacts are one size fits all and does not change sizes with your pupil. so, if you go to the club and your pupils get really big to let in more light, that doesn't mean the hole in the contacts will get bigger. so it will look kinda hazy since you are impairing your vision somewhat. you will always see better in clear contacts v. color contacts. AV2 colors look more muddy than freshlooks in my opinion. brilliant blue is a great color, as long as you can get past the haze. color contacts are also most one size fits all. if your clear contacts are a 8.6, 8.7 base curve with a 14.0 or 14.2 diameter, then you can most likely wear freshlooks just fine.

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    Leave them in for a while your eyes need to get used to them. This happened to me and i left them in even though they felt unconfortable and it worked.

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