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Do NORMAL girls do this...?

okay like 3 days ago i went to the beach with a whole bunch of ppl

there were like 10 ppl i didnt know personally but i had seen before

(they were friends of my friends)

it was a total of 24 ppl at the beach

lots of fun

well i sat in a beach chair and these 2 girls that i do not know personally started to put chocolate syrup on my abs and they were laughing hysterically

i was like what the f*ck

then they started to lick it off

everyone was laughing

they took pics

they videod it

its onm youtube now

it was funny and hot

one of them kept sticking her tounge in my belly buttom

the other one even licked my nipple

but now im wondering? why did they do it?

did they like me? just playing around? a joke? were they sl*uts? they liked my abs??

what do you think the reason is?

p.s: one of the girls had had some alcohol

the other hadnt drunk anything, completely sober

-and they were VERY hott

i already asked this question and almost all of the answers were telling me to put a picture of me up. idk why, but here you go

u dont need to look at the pic to answer the question

and no im not looking for compliments

its just that lots of u were telling me to post them up

so here u go

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    well you are pretty good looking in my opinion but it sounds like the girls were just being sluts and trying to get some.

  • Erika
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    I was going to say yes but lucky. My fat hairy *** couldent shake a stick at those abs O.o

    EDIT: oh ok, a straight answer. Yes, that is weird and very creepy. I would ask for the video to be taken down if your not ok with it. I wouldent think to much of it. There are all kinds in the world and they probably were skanks. Mabey next time keep a shirt on that why nothing creepy will happen like that.

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    Sometimes girls just get carried away with having fun. Some girls just really like teasing boys too. These girls might have just been having fun with you since you didn't stop them. I don't know too many girls that would be licking anything off any guy if they weren't into them but maybe that's their style. Either way, these aren't the kind of girls any guy should want to date. Who knows how many other guys they're licking. Girls do silly things for attention sometimes. Maybe they are into you though.

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  • Anonymous
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    Ok so I havent seen your pictures so I don't know what those girls saw... you said you didn't know these girls at all so yeah they were obviously into you they could be sluts but then again I don't know a lot about em... I can tell you a lot of girls won't do that to someone they don't know out of the blue so they do seem a little slutty..

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    This will sound gay coming from a dude, but you have very nice abs if that's truly you, you've been rewarded for your exercise, keep up the good work!

    By the way the girls are just sluts :D

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    they're just sleazy and were using you for some fun. haha next time, don't be so easy. normals girls don't go around rubbing and licking random guys, we don't know what else has been on your belly or if you have a psycho girlfriend who will beat us up.

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    Just playing around, but sound like fun for you. I want to see this youtube video.

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    you were the person on the wrong time that moment.. well,,, "napagtripan ka lang nila" in other words they are just playing around with you. If you don't like what they do to you, you should not allowed them but i guess you like it enjoy!

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    well i am telling u an answer even if u dont like it. ur a total *** for letting them do that i wouldnt but i am not a guy. and half or all my friends would be all over u but i wont cuz of what u let those girls do that to u.

    they were sluts duh!!!

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