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Are Kristen and Robert back together?


yeah since comic con..

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    Nobody knows besides the two of them.

    Just because they are having lunch and such, doesn't mean they're dating.

    But some make it seem that way.

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    They WERE together. For sure..

    First Kristen had a boyfriend from a boy in a movie called, "Sky High"

    Then because Robert asked her to go out, she dumped the other guy.

    So they were together, happy! Kristen's parents approved of him and his did too. But SUDDENLY

    This stupid woman in Robert's family lectured him about Kristen and everything! She was the ONLY ONE complaining. She said this to the whole magazine..

    "Our Robert should not be dating in the United States. When we take him back to our own country there he can date."

    WHATT? She's not even his mom!!!!!

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    Did they ever break up?

    Or were they ever actually going out?

    But yeah, I think they are together

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    they were never together.

    It was all a publicity hype.

    There keeping fans wondering if there together or not.

    So more people will see New Moon/

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