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Having problems with acne. Need help. Please.?

So, what I have isn't really those big, red things. I just have all of these little bumps all over my skin, and tiny white raised dots, and blackheads. Mostly on my forehead and chin, but on my cheeks, too, which is weird.

I've accually gone to a dermatologist, and she prescribed stuff, but I've been using it for three weeks and my acne has accually worsened since then.

I'm going to sleepaway camp in like, a day...a miracle overnight treatment would be nice, but I know it ain't happening.

Just anything.

I don't really have time to get any products, though. :c

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    Ok, when I get a bad break out I use neutrogena clear pore cleanser/mask. I leave it on as a mask for like 20 minutes or until it is dry. Then I use a clean wash clothe and cover it in the hottest water I can stand to have. I wipe my face clean with it, getting all the left over mask. Then I take astringent for sensitive skin(any brand works) and soak a cotton ball with it and wipe my whole face with it including my neck. Then I take a face moisturizer and apply it. Always make sure your hands are clean before messing with or cleaning your face. As far as black head go, I usually squeeze them to get the bacteria out(before washing my face) My face is usually clearer by the next day.

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    Ask your dermatologist for oral medication. My family has a history of really bad acne and thats the only stuff that works with us. Just know the side affects of it. I know it makes your skin sensitive to the sun and if you are pregnant don't use it.

    For at home treatment just make an aspirin mask.

    Youtube thumbnail

    &feature=related this tells you how.

    It will get rid of the redness.

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    I've found that "Clean & Clear advantage acne clearing astringent" helps me a lot. It dries up acne and keeps it from getting worse. I've heard that toothpaste does the same, but not sure if it really works. Also, drinking a lot of water makes a big difference.

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    I believe addressing your dietary requirements may be the answer long term but i cannot recommend a quick fix sorry.

    Have you been back to said dermatologist to discuss further treatment?

    All the best :)

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    something quick to try would be to wash your face with hot water to open up your pores and pretty much use a scrub to wash your face. It will help and maybe clean out those pores some. Its a start!

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    try changing your diet... the less good nutrition in your system always presents in yoru skin. no soda, fatty foods, junk food, etc.

  • the medicine she prescribed is working thats why it's getting worse..just give it time..

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