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Do you think this is a very stupid question?

So I remember I was eating in a Subway and I over heard some mexicans say that its not fair for them not to have a social security and why the USA dont make them legal so they could work. Honestly its a stupid question because they were not born here so they have no right to have a social security because they are not citizens. You know...

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    yup. they came here illegally what did they expect right?!

    it makes no sense how were citizens and either way were paying for their welfare benefits and even if they get deported we pay with our' ridiculous.

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    I empathize to a certain point, if they are in this country to make a descent living for themselves.

    If they want benefits enjoyed by U.S. citizens, there are legal steps they can go through to become citizens of the U.S.

    But, if they are in this country illegally, they have to deal with the situation they put themselves in.

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    yeah i get it!!

    and i dont think its that stupid of a question! haha

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